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Greenland, an island the size of Western Europe yet only 56,000 people live there, it is ruled by Denmark and was onceĀ a part of the EU even though it’s over 3,000KM away from Europe.

The people of Greenland are currently seeking independence from Denmark, they want to be their own people but their local economy isn’t strong enough to sustain their independence. With an annual grant of 8 billion Kroner per year the people of Greenland are tied to those of Denmark and are trying to find ways they can bolster their economy to try and plug that gap.

This is where the mining companies come in.

Below all of that ice is a wealth of natural resources, oil, coal, iron, gems…and Uranium. In order for these mining companies to harvest these resources, they need to get through the ice. Not only would this interfere with the local wildlife population of oxen, polar bears and narwhals but it could lead to the ice of Greenland melting at an accelerated rate.

The people of Greenland have a gargantuan decision on their hands, while some of the local population understand that mining would enable them to finally achieve the independence they’ve longed for for so long, others realise that if they choose to mine without thought or care it will have a detrimental consequence not only on their local landscape but the international community.

With all of that said, it would be easy for us to make a film on climate change, it would be easy for us to interview the people who want to mine and call them the enemy and be done with it. But for me that’s not the story of this film. For me the story of this documentary, what this is all about, is a nation of people who are searching for their own identity. Who want to be able to stand and say, finally, ‘this is who I am.’ ‘I am Greenlandic, I am a Greenlander.’

And for us, that’s what this film is about.

GROENLAND is a feature documentary currently in development, we have a teaser tape cut and ready to show so if you are a sales agent, network or fellow production company who would like to talk to us about the project please get in touch.


June 23, 2017